Tràigh again...

I would like to introduce my second module build for the Instruo product range. Tràigh (pronounced 'try') is a gaelic word which refers to a beach at low tide. The module is a low pass filter. Low pass/low tide... I thought it was a nice fit.

The response to my original video documenting the design and build process of the troika oscillator module was truly inspiring so I am planning to continue developing and documenting in the same format. It is a fun way for me to produce music and get frustrated at final cut.

If anyone is interested in more specific details on any elements of the process shown, or not shown. I am more than happy to go into specifics, I have gained so much knowledge and inspiration from the various synth DIY, DIY electronics and makers of the internet. I hope showing some of my process in these videos gives a little back.

Any suggestions or requests for future modules or projects I am all ears. I currently have some dialogues with a few people I have met via forums and groups where I am developing some ideas they have suggested for modules. I screen record most of my development now when working in Eagle so expect many videos in the future.

Thank you for reading/watching.

All the best,

Jason [Instruo]